Cranberry Fields Forever

When moving to Central Wisconsin, one of the best things I discovered are the Cranberries! We live right near the Wisconsin Cranberry highway which is a 50 mile rural drive between Wisconsin Rapids and Warrens. Centuries-old cranberry beds are spread out across the landscape along with wildlife viewing in the old glacial lake area of Wisconsin. The best time of year to see the cranberries is in the fall during harvest season. The brilliant red cranberries look fantastic when the farmers flood the bog and you have bright blue skies reflecting on the water along with fall tree foliage. Many people associate cranberries with Washington or Oregon, however, Wisconsin is the nations leader representing 59 percent. Wisconsin is home to around 250 cranberry bogs covering approximately 21,000 acres of land in 20 of Wisconsin’s counties. Since 2004, Wisconsin chose to claim the cranberry as our official state fruit. Each time I have had friends or family visiting, I make sure to find a cranberry tour and make some cranberry muffins.

Cranberry Bog (14×18) oil on canvas
Cranberry Season (18×14) oil on canvas

Please stop by and visit the current exhibit at the Central Wisconsin Cultural Center in Wisconsin Rapids. This exhibit of beautiful Cranberry Art will be on display until June 19, 2022.

Me at the opening reception in front of “Cranberry Season”.

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