Winters Garden

I decided to start of the year with a 31 day painting or drawing from life challenge hosted by Strada Easel. This was a great way to practice. I have become of fan of plein air painting and tried to get out as many times as the weather allowed. Living in central Wisconsin, we are in the middle of winter and some days are really just too cold to be outside painting. Sometimes I tried my best and painted very quickly! Always nice to add items from indoors for still life’s, or views from the window. A few times I worked on something twice but most of them are completed in a single session between 1-3 hours.

My Gallery of work for this 31 day challenge. A fun and memorable way to try new things, new locations and adapting to the weather.

Orchid on Blue (9×12)
Winter Marsh (9×12)
Table with Knitting (11×14)
Winter Walk (11×14)
Grapefruit (8×10)
White Circle Trail (8×10)
Aloha (9×12)
Still Life Orchids (8×10)
Rose teacup (5×7)
Tea Time (5×7)
Poinsettia A (8×10)
Winter Evergreens (9×12)
Morning View (9×12)
Winter River (9×12)
Bowl of Lemons (12×12)
Blush (11×14)
Orange Break (9×12)
Izzie (5×7)
Three Pears (5×7)
Three Apples (5×7)
Winter Trees (5×7)
Poinsettia B (8×10)
Birthday Bouquet (11×14)

I’m honored and excited to announce that two of my paintings have been juried into “Winter’s Garden” at Riverfront Arts Center in Stevens Point, WI. The show is open and runs through February 20, 2022. Gallery hours are Wed-Fri 11 am – 5 pm; Sat & Sun 11am – 3 pm. In addition to artwork, the gallery has live plants for sale making it truly feel like you are walking in a garden. These paintings are available for purchase through the gallery. Thank you for supporting artists and galleries.

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