Spring Impressions

Wisconsin has been typically warm, cool, sunny, snowy and rainy this year which has given me opportunities to be outside while other times I have stayed warm and dry inside. I have been able to include time on still life, past memories of summer golfing and the first flowers in my garden. I have been discovering resources for impressionism and plein air painting by reading books and blogs and watching some fun painting tutorials. There is so much information out there! My small groups if paintings below each correspond with a theme which I hope to continue and expand upon in the months ahead. I am trying new things and enjoying the process. Always learning and loving the “Lasting Impression”.

Coffee and Tea

Concentrating on one object on a small scale and observing the light effects.

Asumi (5×5) oil on canvas
Frida (5×5) oil on canvas
Cornelia (5×5) oil on canvas

Summer Golfing

I am in love with the “Flower Hole” which is the par 3 #16 at Sentry World. Each year over 30,000 flowers are planted in a new arrangement.

Sunshine and Flowers (11×14) oil on board
Flower Hole (11×14) oil on board
Ladies Day (14×18) oil on canvas

Garden Flowers

Daffodils and Tulips have appeared to brighten our days.

Still Life with Daffodils (9×12) oil on board
Morning Daffodils (9×12) oil on board
Sunny Breezy Tulips (9×12) oil on board

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