Peaceful Practices

Advent is a time to prepare our hearts to receive. Are you prepared? There are so many gifts…. the gift of family…. the gift of friends…. the gift of songs and carols…. the gift of evergreens and their scent…. the gift of homemade cookies and their wonderful flavors. Take the time to still your heart to receive the quiet gifts of each day. Listen and look and prepare your heart in the morning to be open to what the day wants to give to you. This year has been the beginning for many to develop mindful practices at home and to adjust our usual routines to keep a positive focus and to find calmness in the uncertainty. I have found simplifying my life has been the first step in finding peace.

Find a relaxation technique that works for you and insert it into your routine. Weather it be yoga, walking, music or meditation. Something that gives you peace and relaxation will help you release tensions and recharge for the day. It will also encourage you to slow down. I have found adding yoga to my routine has been both quieting and enjoyable. There are many YouTube video’s out there to practice at home (I like Yoga with Adriene). I encourage you to give it a try and make A Lasting Impression!

Afternoon tea is a treat and a way to relax and declutter your mind. I’m happy to drink tea anytime but setting aside a special time in the afternoon to take a break gives me a bit of breathing room during a busy day. There is something about preparing a perfect cup of tea which becomes a true pleasure when approached as a ritual. Choosing the tea, selecting just the right cup and saucer, heating the water to the correct temperature, brewing exactly the right amount of time and adding the desired amount of milk and sugar…a perfect cup of tea doesn’t just “happen”. Adding a few biscuits is always smart too!

Another option for peaceful practices is finding a way to escape for a while. I enjoy needlepointing while watching a movie. The simple basket weave stitch is easy to do and enjoyable to see your progress on a project. I am sharing the Christmas stockings I made for each of my children when they were babies. The design, backing and yarns were all part of a kit. This enabled peaceful stitching. They have been a part of each Christmas for our family creating a Lasting Impression each year.

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